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The success of the Green Dot Strategy relies on involving key student participants who can impact change at UNC Charlotte. We need you help identifying students to participate in Green Dot training. 

Please fill out the student nomination form. 

In order to get the message out to as many students as possible, we want to first train students with broad, social connections. Students can promote the Green Dot message by encouraging their peers to participate in a training and through their existing relationships and interactions. We need your help identifying the students who can serve as messengers and shift cultural norms to create a safer campus.  

Influential students are individuals who are natural leaders amongst their peers. These students may have a strong personal network on campus, or a natural ability to engage their peers in social and academic functions. Influential students can utilize their social connections and relationships to model habits and behaviors which counteract violence. By participating in Green Dot, influential students can leverage their influence to create a safer community and reduce rates of interpersonal violence on campus.

We welcome nominations of students from all areas of involvement at Charlotte, including students in traditional and nontraditional leadership roles.