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Green Dot

Green Dot Trainers

Meet the Trainers

The Green Dot trainer team is made up of faculty/staff who volunteer their time and energy to support violence prevention at Charlotte. Our trainer team proudly represents every division at the university.

Katie Renaut Ansley Romero Betria Stinson Michelle Embry
Chelsey Walker Linda Reece Sarah Besse Jen Hartman
Alessandra Pastor Janay Crosland Jessica Kim Zak Chandler
Elizabeth Davis Stephanie Rewitzer Adrienne Bowman Alyssa Toshimitsu
Katie McMurray Angela Ortiz David Quackenbush Jerry Lecomte
Jessamyn Bowling Lucy Bullock Kory Kebea Whitney Badramraju
Erika Montanaro Deborah Beete Casey Remspecher Denis Jacob Machado
Jen Byrd Victoria Williams Tracie Krumbine Kimberly Barrett
Kirby Fitzpatrick Vaughn Schmutz Jasmine Chappell Staci Batchelor
Michelle Meggs Kristy Wilson Kimberly Rodgers Wendy Fishman
Jeff Jones Jessica Kapota Alicia Dahl Mark Manning
Mary Pat King Syreeta Taylor Shayauna Newsom Henrique Viana
Tracie Krumbine      

Become a Green Dot Trainer

The Center for Wellness Promotion invites staff and faculty to join the Green Dot team and become a certified trainer. To become a Green Dot trainer, staff and faculty must participate in a train-the-trainer institute for the national Green Dot college-level curriculum, which is provided by Alteristic.

At Charlotte, we are committed to preventing interpersonal violence and other forms of power-based personal violence including sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking. By completing the certification training, you will become a Green Dot Trainer, and serve an active role in violence prevention and creating a safer Charlotte community. 

Who should become a Green Dot trainer?

  1. Charlotte faculty and staff are welcome to register for and attend the national Green Dot Institute, with the understanding that they will commit to implement the Green Dot strategy for at least one year, and complete at least four overview training sessions each year. 
  2. Previous public speaking experience is not required, however the ability and willingness to present in front of an audience is a necessary trait for Green Dot trainers. In addition, while subject matter expertise is not required, it is fully expected that Green Dot trainers will share our commitment to prevent violence, and openly and confidently discuss the issue with different audiences.

How can I become a Green Dot trainer?

To apply to become a Green Dot trainer, please complete this form. Trainers must attend a four day virtual Green Dot Institute to receive their national certification and be eligible to facilitate the Green Dot curriculum. 

The national Green Dot Institute is hosted by Alteristic. You can find more information about upcoming training dates on the Alteristic website. The Center for Wellness Promotion will have a limited amount of funding to sponsor faculty/staff to attend a virtual certification training during the 2023-2024 school year. We encourage interested staff and faculty who have available professional development funds/grants to attend the national College Green Dot Institute at any time.

Please email if you are interested in completing the certification process and attending a Green Dot Institute training.