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T-shirt Design Contest

Students are invited to compete in a t-shirt design contest and see your design on an event t-shirt in March 2024. Winner will receive a $150 prize! 

Green Dot is a violence prevention strategy designed to mobilize students, faculty, and staff to recognize, react, and intervene during instances of interpersonal violence including sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking. 


  • All students are welcome to participate regardless of academic program.
  • No late submissions will be accepted. 
  • Please be advised, the CWP may need to modify the design to align with university guidelines and department marketing standards. We will communicate any changes with you throughout the process.
  • To submit, email your design to by Friday, January 26th. 

Design Requirements

Your design MUST include the following:

  • Our logo
  • Our brand colors: 
  • HEX #’s: #a49665, #f1e6b2, #005035
  • You may use other colors in addition to these

Your design COULD include the following: 

One of the following slogans: 

  • “Inspiring Action, Cultivating Change”
  • “What’s your Green Dot?”
  • “Ending violence at Charlotte, one Green Dot at a time” 
  • “No one has to do everything, but everyone can do something”


  • Hope
  • Community care/support 
  • Preventing interpersonal violence (sexual assault, dating violence, & stalking) 
  • Spreading green dots (a green dot is a behavior, choice, word, or attitude that interrupts violence or promotes safety by communicating an intolerance for interpersonal violence)
  • Changing campus norms
    • The norms we want to spread: 
      • Interpersonal violence like sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking are not okay. 
      • We encourage everyone to do their part, whether proactively or reactively to prevent violence on-campus.
      • Violence is not tolerated at Charlotte