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ACE Workshop

What is ACE?

ACE stands for Alcohol and Cannabis Education Workshop

This workshop is a one hour group experience for 10-15 students. In the workshop, students can expect to engage in conversations and activities about how alcohol or substance use is impacting various dimensions of their well-being so that they can make decisions that align with their values and goals.

Why participate in ACE?

Some students choose to participate to learn more about their own behavior and how it compares with that of other Charlotte students, especially if they want to learn more about safer alcohol or other drug use.

Other students may agree to participate when found in violation of UNC CharlotteĀ’s Code of Conduct or House Rules. If you and the Office of Student Accountability and Conflict Resolution (SACR) or Housing and Residence Life agreed that you will attend ACE, remember that ACE is meant as a non-punitive, non-judgmental, and confidential space to help you learn.


ACE is FREE for all Charlotte students!

Workshop Sessions

ACE workshops will be held twice a month. The sessions will be offered in-person and in a hybrid format. The workshops are facilitated by trained Wellness Peer Health Educators and Graduate Assistants. You can register for a workshop here. To attend a workshop, check the wellness events calendar. 



*Please note that the ACE workshop program is not facilitated by licensed clinicians or counselors. Students have been trained to provide substance use education and feedback. If a student is at high-risk for substance use related concerns that may require diagnosis or treatment, we refer them to Counseling and Psychological Services at 704?687?0311 or by email at