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BASICS stands for Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students
CASICS stands for Cannabis Screening and Intervention for College Students

This program is designed as a risk reduction intervention for college students who use alcohol, cannabis, and/or other substances and have experienced, or are potentially at-risk for, substance-related concerns. BASICS aims to motivate students to reflect on their substance use and develop their strategies that reduce risk, and align with their values and goals.


Why participate in BASICS/CASICS?

Some students choose to participate to learn more about their own behavior and how it compares with that of other Charlotte students, especially if they want to learn more about safer alcohol or other drug use.

Other students may agree to participate when found in violation of UNC CharlotteĀ’s Code of Conduct or House Rules. If you and the Office of Student Accountability and Conflict Resolution (SACRS) or Housing and Residence Life agreed that you will attend BASICS, remember that BASICS is meant as a non-punitive, non-judgmental, and confidential space to help you learn.


BASICS/CASICS is offered at no cost to students, including those who agree to participate as a result of a campus violation.


The first BASICS/ CASICS intake appointments are being provided virtually. Session 1 and 2 are being provided in person. 

To schedule an appointment, please complete intake form.

Session 1 will be a one hour session. During this session, students are introduced to the program and identify goals that they want to achieve and complete an online personalized feedback questionnaire.

Session 2 will be a one hour session. During this session, students review the feedback profile and identify potential changes that could reduce their risk of harm related to alcohol and other substances.


The information you share as part of the BASICS program is private. Any details regarding your past or current history of substance use will not be reported to the Office of Student Accountability and Conflict Resolution for a disciplinary referral.

*Please note that the BASICS/CASICS program is not facilitated by licensed clinicians or counselors. Students have been trained to provide substance use education and feedback. If a student is at high-risk for substance use related concerns that may require diagnosis or treatment, we refer them to Counseling and Psychological Services at 704?687?0311 or by email at

Students who are sanctioned to the Center for Wellness Promotion for an alcohol or drug violation should schedule their 15 minute intake by emailing

If you are 15 minutes late or no-show your appointment, you will be responsible for rescheduling. Please note, there may be limited availability for BASICS appointments, therefore we can not guarantee immediate availability. If it is one month or more between your first and second appointment, you will need to complete your initial appointment again. 

Yes! The Center for Wellness Promotion is happy to work with students who are interested in making changes to their use of alcohol or marijuana and who are not referred to our department.  BASICS services are free for students who refer themselves to BASICS.

Students who fail to fully complete all requirements of their Wellness Promotion sanction will have a registration hold placed on their account.  This means that they will not be able to register for classes for the next semester.

If you find that your registration has been blocked, contact the Dean of Students Office at 704?687?6569 to discuss what you must do to have the hold removed.

Occasionally, UNC Charlotte students will receive a state ticket for an alcohol or drug violation. These are different from Campus Appearance Tickets (CATs) and typically require students to appear in state court.  Students who receive a state ticket often wish to know if they can go through the BASICS program at UNC Charlotte to satisfy court assessment requirements. The Center for Wellness Promotion CANNOT guarantee that the court system will allow students to go through our program rather than requiring an assessment and classes with an outside agency.  Some students have been allowed to go through our program, others have not been allowed to do so.

If you have any questions or concerns about substance use issues or about the BASICS program, please contact the Center for Wellness Promotion at 704-687-7414 during business hours (Monday through Friday from 8:00am - 5:00pm) or by email a If leaving a voice message on our phone line or when emailing us, please leave a detailed description of your question or concern and your contact information. Depending on the nature of your question or concern, you will be directed to the most appropriate staff person in our department who can help address the issue.