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Complete a Conduct Sanction

The Center for Wellness Promotion uses BASICS as an educational sanction for students referred by the Office of Student Conduct for violation of the university¬ís alcohol and other drug policies.  Students who receive a Campus Appearance Ticket (CAT) for alcohol and/or drug violations will be required to meet with either the Housing Office or the Dean of Students Office.  These students may be sanctioned to the Center for Wellness Promotion for BASICS sessions.

BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students) is a risk reduction program for college students who use alcohol and/or cannabis and have experienced, or are potentially at-risk for, substance-related problems.  BASICS aims to motivate students to reduce substance use in order to decrease the negative consequences of drinking.

Students who are sanctioned to the Center for Wellness Promotion will be required to meet individually with a BASICS facilitator for an initial 15-minute intake appointment, followed by 2 separate one-hour sessions scheduled a couple of weeks apart.  Over the course of these sessions, students will complete alcohol and drug use assessments, discuss their history of substance use, analyze their current use, review alcohol and drug educational information, and identify ways that they may change their substance use behaviors.  Please note that students who present with significant substance use behaviors and concerns during the 15-minute intake session may be referred to substance use counseling appointment(s) with a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist at UNC Charlotte instead of BASICS.  

Once a student completes BASICS, the Center for Wellness Promotion will notify the Office of Student Conduct or Housing and Residence Life that the conduct sanction is complete.  Specific information discussed during BASICS sessions is not disclosed - only that the conduct sanction was successfully completed.  

If you have any questions or concerns about substance use issues or about the BASICS program, please contact the Center for Wellness Promotion.